Item of the day

These 90’s shoes made a massive comeback last year, and it’s the same again for 2014. Whether you opt for the flats, chunky heel or even both (with or without frilly socks!) jelly sandals are back for another summer.

The likes of Michelle Obama, Anne Hathaway and Kylie Jenner have been seen out and about in the sandals (the glittery type to specific) so those who say ‘they’re for children’ or ‘they’re from way back when’ don’t know how fashionable they really are!

When talking about jelly shoes, we cant forget to mention frilly socks. Personally I love this look and think it looks tres chic, but I know there are a lot of haters! Who says sandals and socks are for the elderly only!

The cute jelly shoes can be picked up from a number of shops, but for the best range go to the JuJu website.


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