Item of the day

My ‘item of the day’ is a scarf that I wore to work today and my lovely friends gave me quite a few compliments, asking where it was from, so thought it would be ideal for this post! The scarf (not a woolly winter scarf, but an Alexander McQueen type scarf) is floral with light pinks, lemons, greens and neon pink, which I think makes it stand out and makes it on trend.

Neon pink is great to wear if you’ve got a tan, but if you’re like me and you’re pale (or English rose as I like to call it!) then wearing neon colours in accessories brings your outfit up to date and bang on-trend without looking horribly white!

I actually bought the scarf while out with my Grandparents at a market at our local marina, Port Solent. It instantly caught my eye and coming from a market, it was in-expensive as well – bargain! I’m looking online to find scarfs in other neon colours, so if you know where I can get some, comment below!


One thought on “Item of the day

  1. It was a lovely scarf Lizzie and did suit your ‘English rose’ complexion! what’s today’s outfit?

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