I Adorn You

I was reading another blog and a beautiful necklace caught my eye. The neon lemon ‘Meadow’ necklace from Adorn Accessories looks like something that’s come straight off the red carpet. Not only is it grand, it looks expensive and I’m sure people will be surprised by the low cost for something soo exquisite.

Their website is like discovering a treasure trove where you just can’t stop scrolling through their website and want to buy everything.

They’ve got something for everyone; from stacking rings to tribal style jewellery, pendants and jeweled necklaces. My favourite is ‘Madame Rose’ but it did take me a while to decide this – you could say everything on the website is my favourite! The bright pink will make a statement and give a pop of colour to any outfit. It will definitely go well with my new Asos navy boucle jacket – so will definitely be purchasing this soon!

If you want to look through Adorn Accessories Aladdin’s cave of jewellery, visit their website.


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