What’s in my bag?

What's in my bag

I’m a little bit obsessed with Zoella and Tanya Burr at the moment. All I seem to do when I get home from work is jump on my mac and watch their videos. And as I’m quite late to learn about them, there are quite a lot to watch. I’ve just finished watching a ‘what’s in my bag’ vlog by Tanya, so thought I’d put one together.

So firstly, my bag is a Mulberry Bayswater in tan which I got four years ago for my 21st Birthday. I love this bag soo much and use it as my everyday bag because it’s really roomy inside so can easily fit all of your everyday essentials. Where I use this bag everyday, it’s become extremely worn, so I’m when I go to Bicester in a few weeks I’m going to take it to the Muberry outlet store and send it away to be repaired.

Mulberry Bayswater

So, number 1: This my Smythson leather notebook which got at Christmas. I absolutely adore the colour and on the front cover it says ‘Must Have’. It’s only a small notepad (I think it’s A6) but I write down ideas for my blog and things I need (or want!) to buy and do.

Number 2: My purse. My purse is a Mulberry Continental Wallet in pink. I’ve had this purse over a year now and get soo many compliments about it – especially the colour. I did originally want a tan one to match my bag, but when I saw it in this colour I fell in love with it. All the purses Mulberry make have the same design inside with eight slots for cards and a zip-up section for coins making it easy to fit everything in.

Number 3: For some reason I keep three pairs of sunglasses in my bag, but these are my gold RayBan aviators which I got from the Clothes Show Live a few years ago now. I don’t wear these as much as they don’t block out the sun as much as the others. These were my first Raybans and I chose them because I hadn’t seen aviators this colour before – and they were also discounted!

Number 4 is my Mulberry diary. I’ve had this quite a few years and got it from the Bicester outlet store. Although it was pricey, I use it all the time and the re-fills each year aren’t that expensive (I think they are £12) so that’s how I justified the price! My Brother buys the refills for me and gives them to me at Christmas, which is obviously a great gift!

Number 5: Another pair of Raybans! I don’t actually know what these are called so I’ve added the picture below. These are my most recent pair which I bought in Marbella last year. My friend and I bought a pair each as it was buy one get one half price (I’m doing quite well finding RayBan’s on offer!) This pair have a tortoiseshell frame and dark lens and definitely my favourite pair to wear at the moment. I feel these also suit me better and so many people have Wayfarers these days it’s nice to be a bit different!


Numer 6: And another pair of sunglasses! So, I got these about four years go from Asos. These are definitely my most worn pair of sunglasses because I love how dark the lens’ are. As everyone will know these are ‘Wayfarers’, again they have a tortoiseshell frame. As you can probably tell I love this colour frame. I have light skin and I don’t think it looks as harsh as black frames (the case is in my car!)

Number 7: My favourite perfume in the whole world! If you haven’t smelt the original Jimmy Choo perfume, you need to! It smells soo nice and this has been my perfume of choice for about three years now. When I bought this I had actually gone in the shop to buy a Chanel perfume, but I happened to smell this first and didn’t hesitate to purchase it. The smell is soo delicious I think about three or four people have bought it after they smelt it when I was wearing it. Definitely a recommendation!

Number 8:  My Grandma bought me this cute jewelled notepad when she was on holiday. I haven’t actually used the notepad yet, but I’ve used the pen a lot. I think the pen is gorgeous. The only thing is that when you use it, glitter is stuck to your hands for the rest of the day!

Number 9: Not much to explain about this – it’s my AA Membership card!

10 is a little manicure set with nail scissors, files and tweezers etc. It’s always handy to carry this around and there’s always someone that breaks their nail and needs to file it down or needs tweezers to pluck an eyebrow or two! I got this for Christmas a coupe of years ago and it’s been in my bag ever since!

11: Benefit lipstick in Lady’s Choice. This lipstick is a nude, neutral tone for everyday use. I usually wear this to work when I’m not wearing a brighter pinky colour. I find it lasts all day and may only have to reapply once. I haven’t actually tried any other colour in the collection as I’m addicted to Barry M and Mac at the moment, but I don’t think they make this colour anymore as Benefit have just bought out their new range of lipsticks and tinted lip balm.

12: Until I bought this lipstick I didn’t know Bare Minerals actually made them. The shade I bought was ‘Speak Your Mind’ which is another nude/natural colour. I been really pleased with this lipstick. It feels really luxurious and requires minimal touch up during the day, which is obviously what everyone wants from a lipstick. I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on the other shades they bring out and re-purchase this shade.

13: I don’t normally keep nail polish in my bag, but my friend gave me this after she had a clear out at home. I love glittery nail varnish, especially when you have it as a ‘feature nail’. This shade is Ladbroke Square and is most definitely a bright summer colour. The only trouble with glitter nail polish, is it’s a nightmare to remove!

Last but not least, 14: I know you must all think it’s extremely weird for me to have a tea bag in my bag – so would I if I was reading this! The only reason it’s in there is because I grabbed it before I went for afternoon tea with my Grandma. The thing is, I suffer with severe migraines and one thing I’ve cut out is caffeine, so I only drink Redbush or Roobios tea. I didn’t know if the place where we were going would have this, so took a couple along so I could enjoy a nice cuppa! Luckily I did, as they only served regular tea!

Wow, this post is long! I hoped you enjoyed routing through my bag with me and hearing the stories behind everything.


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