Boots & Superdrug haul

Boots & Superdrug

As I told everyone in my last post, I have a slight obsession with Tanya Burr! Not only is she amazing, but she has done what every beauty blogger wants to do, released her own beauty line of nail polish and lipgloss which is available online and in Superdrug.

I drove down into the city centre with the aim of purchasing some of Tanya’s lipglosses from Superdrug, only to find out that my local Superdrug doesn’t stock it – a real shame.

So what did I buy:


Herbal Essences Fresh Balance for normal/oily hair. At first thought I thought having naturally oily hair would leave me at a complete disadvantage, but I’ve learned that I’m quite lucky! Using this shampoo which eliminates the oil from my hair (unlike dry hair shampoo that puts moisture back in your hair) it means I only have to wash my hair a couple of times a week rather than everyday or every other day. Since using this shampoo, along with the conditioner, my hair rarely gets greasy and leaves it extremely soft and with a mirror like shine. I’m hoping Herbal Essences will never discontinue this shampoo!

I also bought a small make up bag to throw in my bag. Currently all my lipsticks are rolling round the bottom of my bag, so I thought it’s probably best to get a small make up bag to put them in. This bag is a Boot’s own – I really like the ditsy flower print and actually have the full size version for my main make up bag. I would like a Mulberry make up bag and am hopefully going to buy one when I go to Bicester in a couple of weeks. This one was only a couple of pounds and will last me until I get my dream make up bag!

I don’t know about you, but my hands have been really dry recently. I only really use hand cream at work or when I apply really thick hand cream at night before I go to sleep, but because they’ve been really dry, I bought one to pop in my bag for when I’m out and about to ensure my hands are practically moisturised all the time! I got the classic Neutrogena concentrated hand cream. It says ‘the glycerin-enriched formula instantly relieves and protects seriously dry or chapped hands’ – just what I need. Hopefully having this with me all the time, will remind me to put some on and get of the horrid dryness!

I got some exfoliating gloves to get my skin ready for summer. In the winter you can hide under tights and jumpers, but there’s no where to hide in the summer. I think exfoliating gloves can be really expensive so I got some Boots branded ones.

The last thing I bought was some ‘Simply Sensitive’ face wipes to take my make up off with in the evening. I’m quite lucky that I don’t suffer with breakouts and spots so don’t really have to worry about what face wipes I use. I always like to use sensitive skin ones though as sometimes face wipes can be quite harsh and leave your face red. I’ve never tried the Boots own brand, so I will definitely update you as to what they’re like.


After the disappointment of Superdrug not having any Tanya Burr products, I had a look around a bought a couple of things.

Firstly I bought a new highlighting powder from Loreal in Rose Boudoir. I really wanted to purhcase the Mac Cream Colour Base, but I’d just bought two Mac lipsticks so will wait a couple of weeks before purchasing it. This highlighter stood out because it looked really pearly and shimmered really nicely in the light. I’m excited to try this out tomorrow and will let you all know what my thoughts are.

The last thing I picked up was a new Barry M blusher brush. As you can imagine, Superdrug sell quite a few different brushes, but I really like Barry M and love how accessible and affordable it is. It also looks really nice with a white and hot pink handle and black and white brush. It’s also animal friendly which is always a good thing.

I did’t post much last week, so I’m going to commit to upload a blog every other day! I hope everyone is enjoying the sun and making the most of it!

Love, Lizzie x


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