Depop low down

I’ve recently downloaded Depop and boy have I got addicted to it! I can spend hours in the evening searching and scrolling through clothes, shoes, bags and accessories trying not to buy everything I see – I can’t believe an app like this hasn’t been produced before.

For those of you who don’t know what Depop is, here’s the low down…

If you imagine an app that combines Instagram and Ebay – that’s what Depop is! Like Instagram you can search for words and phrases and scroll through pictures and descriptions until you see something you like/want to buy. You can then the purchase the item through the app/PayPal; still giving you the payment protection if something were to go wrong for instance not receiving your item. The good thing is there’s no bidding and waiting around to see if you’ve won the item, you simply click ‘buy’. And for sellers, the fee is a lot less than Ebay. You can still set postage costs and add whether you want to offer International shipping, but you can also add as many pictures as you want for no extra cost.

I’ve bought a couple of things (a burgundy fedora hat and bag) and should receive them over the next couple of days, so I haven’t quite finished the purchase process yet. You leave feedback so you can read reviews on the sellers to know if you want to buy from them and the same if someone is purchasing something from you – are they good payers?

I have also got a few things for sale (this feels like a shameless plug!) from clothes to shoes, designer/high end makeup and technology accessories so if you’re interested, my Depop name is lizzieee1989. Make sure to follow me and I’ll follow back.


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