Spring/Summer 2015 Nail Trends

Now Spring has truly started and the sun is shining, it’s time to think about what you’ll be doing with your nails these coming months. You may have already been looking at the fashion trends, but don’t forget your nails! They make any outfit look polished.

On the runways of London, Paris, Milan, and New York there were some clear trends.

First of all we saw creamy pink on the runway. This fresh colour is the epitome of spring. It just shouts flowers, blossom, and sun. This colour will look great through summer and spring, what ever you’re wearing.


Orange always looks best when worn with a tan so there’s no surprise that it features in the spring and summer trends. For those of us that are pale, don’t be scared to wear it, you just need to find the orange that suits your skin tone. I have ridiculously pale skin and find that oranges that are more coral suit me better.


We also saw pale blue on the runway earlier this year. I love wearing pastels and the fact anyone can pull them off make me extremely excited to see they appear in 2015 fashion trends  as well as nail trends.


As a first thought, I wasn’t quite sure how grey had become a nail colour to wear in spring and summer. To me, it’s a colour that I usually wear in Autumn that reflect the sky’s colour. But with pastel shades I think pale grey nails would complement an outfit well. And don’t forget, we live in England, it will rain during these coming months so if you aren’t keen on wearing grey whilst the sun is shining, you can wear it when it’s raining!


Last but not least is silver. Again, with pastel tones being worn and seen all over the runways, silver will complement these shades. In the sun the silver will give off a gilmmer and look fabulous in the clubs of Ibiza the beaches of Marbella.


Let me know the colours you’ll be wearing on your fingers and toes during Spring and Summer. Is it one of the colours I’ve mentioned or something different?


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