London Marathon 2015

The London Marathon is known worldwide and last Sunday my Dad took part, raising money for The Portsmouth Blind Association/Guide Dogs for the Blind, and ran the 26.2 miles (crazy I know!)


My parents were staying in London for the whole weekend, so I travelled to London on the Saturday afternoon to join them. The only plans we had for the day was to go to an old fashion, authentic pie, mash and liquor shop in Bow, East End London. The traditional eatery, G Kelly’s, has been open since 1937. It’s safe to say the pie  and mash was delicious, possibly the best pie I’ve ever tasted!

Pie & Mash


After having an early night we got up bright and early and set off to our first location to cheer on my Dad. Tower Bridge was the first stop and we decided to get there super early so we could be at the front of the barriers. The only downside to this is that we arrived at Tower Bridge at 9:00am and my Dad wouldn’t be coming past until 12:30, but there was plenty to keep us entertained including the elite and disabled runners.


After many hours waiting we finally saw my Dad come past and it was so good to see that he still looked really bright and comfortable – as comfortable as you can be 12 miles into a marathon!

We then headed off to Canary Wharf and surprisingly the tubes weren’t that busy. I think the London Marathon is so well organised that when it comes to travelling around London it’s extremely easy and doesn’t cause any stress.

Canary Wharf had an amazing atmosphere, thousands of people were lining the streets and we were stood close to people playing drums and steel pans (I think that’s what they’re called!) keeping the energy up for both the spectators and more importantly the runners. That was probably my favourite location of the day.



The final location was Westminster, opposite Big Ben, where we saw my Dad for a third time. He had suffered with cramp earlier on so had slowed down but he finished with a time of just over 5 hours. Incredible!



Well done to all of the runners who took part this year, especially my Dad. And also a big well done and thank you to the organisers and volunteers who made sure the event ran smoothly.



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