Get Ready With Me: Morning

I love watching the Get Ready With Me videos on YouTube, surprisingly they are all soo different so I thought I’d share my morning routine with you…

The day starts with a cup of tea, as all days should! I drink Redbush or Roobios because I can’t have caffeine and find decaffeinated tea too processed if that makes sense! Whilst the kettle is boiling and the tea is brewing I usually check Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as well as my emails. In terms of breakfast, I don’t really like eating first thing as it makes me feel ill, so I tend to eat breakfast when I get to work or at around 10 if it’s the weekend.


Once my tea is ready, I take it upstairs and start getting ready.

I always start by cleansing with the Dermalogica Ultracalming Cleanser. This instantly wakes me up and feeling refreshed. I then exfoliate using the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant (Click here to for a blog on my skin care regime) and put on my Dermalogica moisturiser. Oh, and I also brush my teeth!


Once I’ve finished in the bathroom, I start with my make up. In terms of my everyday make up, I use:



Once I’ve finished with my make up I then get dressed. As this is the weekend and it’s quite warm, I’ve chosen a bright summary shift dress from Next. Obviously, during the week, my clothes are smarter and more professional due to where I work.


I then try and tame my long hair! Because it’s incredibly long at the moment I 99% of the time wear it up in a pony tail to keep it out of the way! It has a tendency to get stuck and caught in everything!


Once I’m completely ready I then grab my bag and coat and head out…


Is your morning routine similar or completely different? Let me know!


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