May Favourites

Hooray! The sun has come out and it’s starting to get warm.Is everyone enjoying the warmer weather?

In this post I’m sharing my favourites from May, this month it consists of beauty and technology. I do have some clothes favourites but I’m going to do a haul so I’ll you’ll see them in that.



Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Masque


After trying a couple of cream masque that made my skin flare up, on a trip to Selfridges I went to the Kiehl’s counter to see what they had. The lovely lady I spoke to recommended this, an overnight masque, that replenishes the skins water reserves for long lasting hydration.

As per the name, it’s worn overnight which is great as it gives it 6-8 to really sink into the skin. Since using this product, I find that in the morning my skin is silky smooth and makes my make up look a lot better. I wear this a couple of times a week which I find is enough, but if my skin is particularly dehydrated I will wear it more.

The pot is 125ml and I think it was around £26 which I know is pricey, but a little goes a long way.

Kimmel Extreme Black Wonderful Mascara with Argan Oil


I am really fussy with mascaras and usually only like the fatter bristled brushes but when I saw this mascara I was really intrigued. It didn’t say anywhere what the argan oil is supposed to, but my guessing is that it’s to condition the lashes.

In terms of application, I like the wand and brush, it really separates the lashes and lengthen them, not leaving any clumps which is always good! I would buy it again because of that but I haven’t really noticed any difference that the argan oil should make. I’ve only been using it a couple of weeks so I’ll have to see if the progress is gradually built up.

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush


I love this brush, I’ve talked about it a couple of times in previous blog posts! The feel of this brush is fantastic and the application is amazing. It makes your makeup look flawless and makes putting foundation on really easy. This is the first time I’ve used a Real Techniques brush, but I will definitely get some more in their range. In terms of price, I think they are about middle priced, but worth it.


One Direction Where We Are Live from San Siro Stadium Tour DVD


A couple of weeks ago I bought tickets to see One Direction at the o2 in September and I am sooo excited! My friend was selling hers so I made sure I was the first to get my hands on them as her seats are amazing. So because I’m going to see them in around 100 days (excited face) I’ve been listening to their songs, watching their videos and their DVDs constantly. I got this DVD maybe a couple of Christmas’ ago and I’ve been loving it. Even though I’ll be 26 I love One Direction and think their stage presence is beyond amazing which makes them hypnotising to watch. Are any of you going to see One Direction?

Tech link RECHARGE


Don’t you hate it when you’re out and about and your phone is about to run out of charge? Me too! I was in Selfridges and about to go up the Shard when my phone was on about 20% so I went to the Apple department and they had a nifty little portable charger that allows you to charge your phone whilst on the move. The best thing about it, it comes ready charged! It comes in a variety of colours and I think it look rather cool. Being small it doesn’t take up too much room in your bag and it hold 1.5 charge of the iPhone 6. It doesn’t come with a charging cable so just remember to take your normal cable out with you (I always keep a spare in my bag). The device is easy to charge and takes no time at all. If you’re a traveller or you’re going to a festival, this is ideal and inexpensive at around £15.


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