Summer Skin Care Tips

For those sun worshipers amongst us, I’m sure you’ve been counting down the days until summer officially arrives. Well, you’ll be pleased to know that you don’t have to wait long. But with the arrival of summer, it’s more important than ever that you are looking after your skin. And even though here in England the sun isn’t usually hot, it doesn’t mean the UV rays aren’t still damaging your skin.

With that in mind, it’s time to start getting your summer skin care regime in place, so here are my top tips on how best to look after your skin during those warmer months.

Keep skin hydrated

Although this is a pretty obvious tip, many people automatically turn to lots of lotions and potions to keep their skin hydrated and forget that by simply upping your water intake your skin will be hydrated. Of course these lotions have their place, but if you drink the recommended 6-8 glasses of water each day you can ensure you stay fully hydrated. Don’t like drinking water? Why not try to add some fresh lemon and lime to your water (or any fruit!) This will help to add flavour to the water encouraging you to drink it more often.

Upgrade your moisturiser

What ever the weather it’s extremely important that you have SPF on your face to protect your skin from the harmful UVB rays. The easiest way to do this is upgrade to a moisturiser that has an SPF. The likes of Simple, The Body Shop and Clarins have moisturisers containing SPF 30 and above making sure your face is protected throughout the day. And don’t forget, sun on unprotected skin can quicken the rate that wrinkles appear, so it’s important you include SPF products as part of your summer skin care.

Lip care

When we talk about protecting our skin from the sun people tend to forget about the lips, but these are just as important as the face. From someone who has experienced sun burnt and swollen lips, I know that it’s worth investing in a heavy duty lip balm to ensure the pout stays perfected. Ultrasound UltraLip SPF30 protects against the sun’s UVA and UVB rays providing intensive care and moisture for dry/chapped lips.


During the summer you want to ensure that your skin is more glowing and radiant than ever. One way to help achieve this is to regularly exfoliate. You should really be doing this all year round, but if this isn’t currently part of your skin care regime, now is the time to add it. As we’ve previously takes about, the sun can seriously dehydrate our skin, leaving dead skins cells sitting on the surface of the skin. To keep these at bay and to make sure any make up you wear sits nicely on the skin make sure that you are using a face exfoliant one or twice a week.

Do b careful not to use products with coarse granules. These can scratch and irritate delicate sun kissed skin.

Let you skin breathe

The summer months give you an excuse not to wear any make up – I think everyone will agree that the effect of having a bit of sun on your face makes your skin glow without the need of any products. But if you still want to apply a bit of make up, don’t use that full coverage foundation you used in December, introduce a BB cream to your make up bag. If you don’t know much about BB creams, essentially it a multi-beneficial product that not only moisturises the skin, but gives light foundation-like coverage. BB Creams are excellent for the summer when your skin is at its best, and you don’t want foundation sliding off of your face!

What are the summer skin care tips you swear by?





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