Hosting A Successful BBQ


There’s no denying that BBQs are a staple of a British summer. Burgers, kebabs, chicken drumsticks…and lets not forget, burnt sausages (there’s nothing like it right!) There’s definitely a perception that us Brits aren’t the best at creating a feast on a BBQ so I feel like it’s time we dispel the myth and become BBQ-ing masters!

To make sure your BBQ, whether it’s for a casual dinner, or a large party, goes off without a hitch, Michelin Star Chef Steve Smith from the Bohemia Restaurant in Jersey has shared his tips.

Steve Smith, Head Chef at Bohemia

Avoid Disasters

It may seem obvious but if you want to avoid any disasters then you need to make sure the BBQ is lit properly and is not in the proximity of anything that is potentially flammable!

Heat the Meat

Make sure that any poultry or pork items are thoroughly cooked to avoid food poisoning.

To know if you have the right temperature to cook with you just need to wait for the flames to die down, and check the colour of the coals. They should glow red underneath and be white on the top or you can buy BBQ thermometers from any good BBQ retailer.

Safety First

Generally any type of fish, lamb or beef are the safest items to cook for those concerned about becoming ill at a BBQ, as they are low risk meats. You can cook them rare, medium, well done or as you would normally. Also you should always use separate utensils for cooking and serving.

Don’t Take Risks

Any pork and chicken items are the highest risk food generally cooked on the BBQ and you need to check that they are thoroughly cooked. Also make sure they are consumed immediately. If you leave them outside on a nice day for more than 30 minutes you are running a risk of giving someone food poisoning! Also try not to serve any form of rice salad, as it will likely spend the entire day sat out in warm conditions.

Impress Your Guests

BBQs are not just about meat, any type of vegetable kebabs are great! Be bold and use vegetables such as onions, peppers, aubergines, and kholarbi.

Don’t Leave Leftovers 

Many people think that leftovers can be used the following day. This is generally a no no. Cook only what you need for the BBQ or you will just have to eat it all!

If you’d like to sample the great food Steve Smith serves at Bohemia Bar & Restaurant, Jersey call 01534 880 588 or visit to make a reservation.



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