Book Club: The Plant Plus Diet Solution

I haven’t recommended or reviewed a book on my blog before, but I going to try and read a book a month; varying from fiction/non-fiction and self-help books to auto/biography. If you’ve got any recommendations, let me know in the comments.

The book I’m currently reading is ‘The Plant Plus Diet Solution’ written by Joan Borysenko PHD who has written a book before this called ‘Mending the Body, Mending the Mind’.


The blurb is rather long so I’ll just give you the bullet points from the back of the book:

In this groundbreaking book, Joan will help you:

  • Get up-to-date information on the nutrition revolution
  • Make friends with the plants that feed your gut bacteria
  • Lose weight and keep it off
  • Understand how diet changes your genes and how your genes determine your best diet
  • Fill out a health symptom checklist and track the changes as your personalised PlantPlus Diet optimises your metaoblism
  • Know which tests to ask your doctor for and why
  • Create a sleek and streamlined PlantPlus kitchen
  • Make fabulous meals in minutes with simple recipes and meal plans

So, why am I reading this book? Suffering from migraines I have to be careful what I eat and drink; checking packets for sweetners, caffeine and not being able to eat chocolate or anything orange flavoured. So because of this I thought adopting a plant based diet may be the answer to my prayers, all fresh fruit and vegetables and other grains and legumes.

Although I haven’t finished the book yet, from what I have read so far it gives you all the relevant information you need to make an informed decision whether to change your diet in an easy, digestible way. The small chapters are great! Some of the nutrition information goes over my head but I’m learning things about food that I never knew before – I definitely think they should teach children more about nutrition, it may help curb the obesity in youngsters.


The book gives you tips to get started, which I’ve definitely found useful. Starting a plant based diet can be quite daunting, not knowing what to buy and what to cook. Pinterest has been my god send when it comes to recipes, although the book does include a variety of recipes.

It also includes a questionnaire that you can complete at the beginning which gives you a score in terms of your medical symptoms, you can then fill it out at intervals (for example every 3 months) to see if your health has improved since beginning the lifestyle change.

I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the book, and will probably do a blog post when I am living a full plant based diet.


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