Christmas Candle Collection

I love candles as much as the next person, but Christmas candles are just something else! There’s something so cosy about watching a film with the fire and Christmas tree lights on and a candle lit.

I don’t have a large collection of Christmas scented candles, but I thought showing you the scents I have in my collection may give you some candle inspo!

Yankee Candles


Christmas Eve

A sweet scented candle of sugared plums and candied fruits, this is one of my favourites. I’m someone who is drawn to the vanilla and sweeter candles rather than the spice and fresh scents so this ‘went straight in my basket!’ Although there’s nothing stopping you burning this candle on any other day, I am going to keep this especially for Christmas eve, and make it a yearly tradition! I feel lots of traditions are made by people across the World during Christmas.


Completely forgetting everything I said above, this candle is a crisp scent that smells like a forest full of Christmas trees with a hint of cinnamon. So not something I would usually be drawn to but it definitely reminded of everything I love about Christmas.

Christmas memories

Another sweet scent, this reminds me of Christmas baking which is something I love to do once I finish work for the festive period. Cookies, cakes, mince pies, this candle smells like all of those rolled into one. It’s also got a bit of a spicy kick, very subtle but it’s definitely in there!

Snowflake cookie

Back to a sweet, vanilla scent. Very sugary, this is another candle that as it’s name suggests reminds me of baking and conjures up images of biscuits, icing and Christmas cake!

Sugared apple

An apple, sugar and vanilla combination (surprise surprise!) this is my favourite of all. It’s very sweet and sugary, but the smell of apple definitely does come through. Not an overly Christmas scent, but it’s very homely and comforting and I think appropriate all year round.

Do you have a favourite Christmas candle? Let me know in the comments.



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